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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Learn Selenium Testing

Selenium Vs HP LeanFT

Selenium has a dedicated user base with regularly increasing adoption in the previous couple of years, and has carved a niche in the software testing tools world. 
  • Endorsement in businesses today have raised also, while this tool was always favored by Open Source enthusiasts since the RC times. 
  • In the past year or two, rather a few Fortune 500 firms and banks have diversified their skill- tool and base portfolio with Selenium testing, along with traditional HP toolset.
  • Let's look in a recent product offering in the marketplace, which could be quite applicable to continued growth of Selenium user-base. This post describes a short investigation of HP LeanFT with respect to Selenium testing. 
  • Uncertain if Learn-Selenium website is the right medium for opinion on HP tool, but it seems this tool is the answer specifically to counter the increasing popularity in the screening world of Selenium of HP.

Selenium - what has functioned

1. Price. Price. Price:

Cost by significantly remains the largest differentiator for Selenium. Being open-source, this becomes the automation instrument of choice for browser based programs in medium and small enterprises.

   Powerful support foundation and vivacious user community help mitigate concerns around open-source use in businesses. HP licensing is expensive.

2. Object Identification:

As internet technologies get improved, we have third party tool sets that cause problems in item identification during automation with HP QTP-UFT training. AngularJS, Asynchronous Javascript And Xml, Oracle Forms are illustrations. 

     There are easy alternatives while refining is kept by Hewlett Packard Compaq with every variant. Selenium utilizes XPATH, and identifies things where we confront challenges in discovering exceptional properties utilizing QTP.

3. The Buzz around Dev-Ops:

Dev-Ops is the approach of leveraging automation and test assets in Functions and Development. With raising agile adoption, the lines blur between conventional roles of check automation professional, functional tester, and programmer.

Application Development Leads and Designers have an interest in test-automation for continuous integration, build sanity, and unit testing. It is a a residential district with expertise in Java/C#, and incredibly comfortable with IDEs like Eclipse. 

     They find it hard to consume that something worthwhile can be done with VBscript. These stakeholders are generally key influencers in management decision making on Enterprise Tool Use, resulting in increased acceptability for Selenium in large enterprises.

4. Multi-browser Testing:

Even now, Selenium Training is a clear winner in cross-browser testing against UFT. Multiple UFT add-ins must be attempted for different browser versions and we've compatibility problems. 

     Examples - UFT 11.5 does perhaps not support Chrome v40, you need to downgrade to Chrome v3-6 for automating scripts, which would not be in-sync with creation. HP permit upgrades tend not to keep tempo with browser version modifications.

Selenium - where it falters

1. End To End Automation:

Large Enterprises have multiple programs under test and end-to-finish screening streams that traverse more than one application. Any tool restricted to browser screening would limit coverage of automation. 

     Example - A very common scenario in banking methods would be trade initiated on front-end web application that could have validation measure on back end and main frame database.

2. Object Identification and Script Build Productivity:

We now have lot of cases where QTP can easily get unique property index, that might be cumbersome in Selenium while XPATH use helps identify objects that are problematic. HP QTP/UFT Live Trainings are feature-rich and easy to use. 

  Consistently, script build although this may change predicated on program under evaluation productivity is higher as compared to Selenium.

3. Ability- staffing and base:

HP QTP has become the industry leader since ages, and sourcing seasoned automation examiners in cryptography with VBscript proficient is comparatively simpler. 

   In contrast, ramping a pro Ject group on Selenium Training abilities may be more of a challenge. Note- this is a snapshot as of mid-2015, points change quickly.

HP LeanFT - What's on offer

Circa 2015 July, HP has released LeanFT along with the UFT 12.5 upgrade. Attribute the figure below.

We've detailed below attributes and observations of LeanFT, which bear relevance to the evaluation above.

1. LeanFT supplies Support for multiple IDEs (Eclipse, Visual Studio) and programming languages (Java, C#).

Hewlett Packard Compaq keeps pushing features every few years to retain its dominance (and superior licensing), BPT was launched to sell the thought of BA-Tester, now LeanFT is built to whet the curiosity of the Dev Tester. 

IDE and language flexibility would make the software popular using the Program Programmers community.

2. Dev- CI and Ops help. LeanFT purportedly integrates nicely with SCMs that are standard, assemble/install applications and approaches, as compared to UFT that is heavily ALM centric. 

Selenium was an easy choice compared to QTP in building CI/CD alternatives strongly integrated with dev-workflows. This may change with LeanFT and needs to be inquired.

3. Object identification & Multi-browser support. LeanFT posseses an item identification motor much like Secret Agent in UFT that's installed as plug in to the IDE. This can be an advantage and may be somewhat powerful. 

HP datasheet signifies LeanFT to be light weight tool with good cross browser support. This might potentially address a disparity in HP tool-set where Selenium has an edge over QTP.

4. Price: LeanFT licenses are free for HP UFT12.5 users, this helps penetrate the present user base in big organizations and arrest the move to Selenium Online Training.

5. We've clean integration of LeanFT with UFT12.5, which helps in end to end automation. This allows automation beyond browser-based applications, a definite edge over Selenium Tutorials in organizations like banks and insurance agencies.

6. QTP-proficient staff haven't any learning curve to start automation using LeanFT. Existing resources can be utilized for automation, as against Selenium projects which need well-planned staffing and coaching scheme.

To Conclude:

It appears that LeanFT is especially targeted at the Selenium Tutorial user-base would be very interesting to determine how this pans out in industry in the next 12 months. 

A lot of the current increase in Selenium projects has been because of large organizations wanting to diversify their resources portfolios. Technology tendencies are very dynamic and you also prepare now for hoped-for changes or risk obsolescence.

 Would LeanFT stem the tide? - We might view the events and follow on this in another six months.

Recording Selenium Test Performance

  • After ages, got few minutes to consider new site. I was thinking to have few which is either not available or limited info accessible over net although there are many site accessible for each solution.
  •  I am constantly fascinated by this type of tool and I 've free model of sauce lab and I'd love to build instrument that is such someday in time to come. There is one feature that is recording the session is constantly brought me. 
  • I strove to find some resources which may help me to reach so within my framework.
  • I found Microsoft expression encoder to do recording your screen. You'll be able to use their dlls to add in to your C# established framework record and to perform the session. 
  • You can have some login to determine in the event you need to save record or not in you framework you are able to write a method which begins recording since start and after during cleaning job.
  •  I my framework, as an example, I start recording predicated on my settings file and in teardown methods, I check when there is an error or maybe not. If yes then wmv format is encoded in to by me else I lose recording.
Follow subsequent measures to get code and configurations into framework:

Step 1:

Install Microsoft Encoder Expression: Refer CerebrumLabs.com for that (http://www.cerebrumlabs.com/free-display-recording-computer software/). Once you install, you may get folder that is following in installation location. 

C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Expression. Should you try and research few folders inside this folder you will find SDK folder @: C:Program Files (x86)Micro-Soft ExpressionEncoder 4SDK, where you can see Microsoft.Expression.Encoder.dlls which you may use in your framework code.

Step 2:

Comprise dlls given in SDK folders into your framework. You call that and can write a method. I have a key-value pair within my framework config file and I could determine maybe not or if I wish to do recording. 

In your evaluation's [set up] process, you'll be able to call this method which will start recording at the beginning of the evaluation.
using System;
using OpenQA.Selenium;
. .
using Microsoft.Expression.Encoder.ScreenCapture;
using System.Drawing;
using Microsoft.Expression.Encoder;
using Microsoft.Expression.Encoder.Profiles; namespace FRAMEWORK
public static void StartRecordingVideo()
{ //Call this method in setup method. {
//Provide setting in config file if you want to do recording or not.
if (testEInfo.isRecording) { job = new ScreenCaptureJob();
//provide the location where you want to save the recording.
job.CaptureRectangle = Screen.PrimaryScreen.Bounds; job.ShowFlashingBoundary = true;
job.OutputPath = AutomationLogging.newLocationInResultFolder; job.Start(); } }

Step 3: Your test started and in the background your display recording going on. After you achieve to the tear-down approach.You can choose not or in case you intend to keep the record

In my case that I want to maintain record so my programmers can review else there is no point of getting if tests are passing, recording only if there is test failure. To do so I 've subsequent system in code that is preceding that I call at the very end in code.

public static void StopRecordingVideo()
if (testEInfo.isRecording)
string filename = job.ScreenCaptureFileName;
job.Stop(); if (AutomationLogging.countOfError > 0)
Job jb = new Job();
{ MediaItem src = new MediaItem(filename);
jb.OutputDirectory = AutomationLogging.newLocationInResultFolder;
jb.MediaItems.Add(src); jb.ApplyPreset(Presets.VC1HD720pVBR);
string output = ((Microsoft.Expression.Encoder.JobBase)(jb)).ActualOutputDirectory; } File.Delete(filename); }


During encoding, you might observe that small more memory is being eaten by encoder and you also system may little slow. Attempt at your end and I want to know when you have some question.


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