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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Automation Testing using Selenium

Excellent assessment is definitely an crucial element of any manufacturing process plus it Can't be prevented in the event of software-development also. Or, you're able to claim it's more essential in software development as a good modest blunder at any point-of occasion can lead to several severe concerns besides moment waste and cash squander. Below, in cases like this, QA should really be executed at-all levels of growth.

There clearly was a period when guide checks have now been done. While the engineering produced additionally, screening automation needed the fundamental level and several methods have now been unveiled to aid assessment robot. Selenium and QTP would be the hottest kinds one of them.

It's frequent for folks who are simply starting the job in QA to really have a skepticism about which software to become picked. Listed below are a couple of factors to-go using Selenium.

1.Price Component
In a very aggressive earth, value component features a main position in determining industry share of any item. Therefore, it's required to provide along the generation charge towards the minimal. Within this part, Selenium loves an upper hand over QTP as Selenium is free when QTP is actually a commercially-sold merchandise.

TWO. Program Compatibility
Today, distinct systems can be found to work well with and everyone possess the to selected any one of these. Any system or software should really be many software works today. Sadly, QTP may work solely on Windows whilst Selenium is numerous software suitable.

3.Browser Compatibility
Equally, a course or even a resource must be appropriate for many programs. Atatime, when folks are employing diverse surfers, this attribute is vital and, sadly, QTP didn't possess the identical, while Selenium is suitable for distinct browsers such as for example Bing, Ie etc.

QTP is restricted to small companies or for small testing. In the same moment, Selenium can be utilized for straightforward and effective file subject style stage evaluating and may be properly used for ongoing incorporation using nimble tasks.

5.Programming Vocabulary
At any given time when unique evaluators are utilizing various system dialects, Selenium areas themselves a-level above QTP using its several words compatibility. Whenever QTP helps simply VB texts, Selenium helps several dialects including coffee, perl, PHP, python, ruby etc.

6.Test Progress Environment
Selenium Aspects enables applying numerous IDEs such as for example Eclipse, Netbeans, Visual Facilities etc while having QTP you will need a distinct setting for these.

7.Additional plug ins
Selenium enables so as to add added plug ins, if essential to accomplish any unique functionality which is cost free. While QTP also enables, you'll need to spend an additional sum regarding this center.

8.Performing Many Capabilities
Selenium IDE functions the operates around the history to the visitor when QTP completes the actions around the app. Below, in case of Selenium, an individual may decrease the screen and may execute another features as the check remains. But, number different characteristics can be carried out when you're applying QTP.

NINE. Tech Support Team
Tech support team is important in this instance. QTP, being fully a professional solution, provides tech support team from your retailers but there are various start boards and teams delivering tech support team for Selenium Overview. You might say, perhaps the tech support team is free for Selenium.

ten. Examination Development Environment
By using QTP, examination advancement programs might be designed solely in QTP but using selenium, the exact same might be designed in various IDEs for example Eclipse, Visual Business and Netbeans.

You could have to evaluate several more details to consider the ultimate selection, but these would be the essential items that you simply must look after while choosing the check automatic software.


  1. Hello Racher,
    The Informative Article on Automation Testing using Selenium is nice. It give detail information about it .Thanks for Sharing the information on Testing with Selenium WebDriver.Software Testing Company

  2. Selenium and other test automation technologies can help you automate repetitive checks (refer to this great post by Michael Bolton: Testing Vs Checking ).

    A good exercise would be to analyse the time you spent in a week/sprint/month (or whatever works best for you) checking manually for things that could be checked by a computer. Whether it is to check if a module is present in a page or if clicking on a button results in a new section of the page appearing, or even checking if any link on the page is redirecting for a 404 error page, etc. Then you could think of automating this checks because this kind of checks are boring when done by a human and hence very error prone.

    Something you could also consider is to automate fixes to important defects (P1s and P2s for example, or whatever classification you use). I always advocate that these tests should be done in a Test Driven Development fashion. The reason is that if you fix the defect first and develop the test after you won't be doing it in the same conditions that originated the defect.

    However you have to bear in mind the downsides of automation. Checks can take longer to implement, they are code so you have to maintain it and you may have bugs in you scripts, and if you have a Continuos Integration environment these checks can have an impact on the time it takes for the code to be available on all your test environments.
    Selenium Training Provides you many scopes and best Career Opportunities.

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